What is a day in the life of a mounted police officer like? Do you want a career in horses? However, you don’t want to be a trainer, groom or exercise rider? Above all, are you too tall to be a jockey? What about a career working with the mounted police? It’s a real ‘ride along,’ COPS style! Follow Angelea as she literally rides along on patrol. Discover this beneficial and rewarding career option.

Police Departmant of Prince William County

PWCPD provide police services to the entire county. Moreover, they have been fully accredited by the CALEA since 1987. PWCPD has three districts, Eastern District, Central District and Western District.

Horse Patrol Unit

Special Operations Bureau manage the Prince William County’s Mounted Patrol Unit. They also manage the K-9 Unit, Traffic Safety Team, and Search & Rescue Team. Furthermore they manage the Crash Investigation Unit, Honor Guard, the SWAT Team, SCUBA Team, the Civil Disturbance Team, the Marine Unit and the Crime Prevention Unit too!

The PWCPD has primary jurisdiction in all towns within the county. These towns all have their own limited service PDs. Their town police departments use East OPS on PWCPD radios when patrolling. Like the county police, they use Channel 1 for Records, Vehicle, Driver, Want-Warrants information while performing tasks such as traffic stops.

“The most important thing was to convince the Chief that this was a good idea.”

-Kim Chinn, Prince William County Police Officer

Cities in the United States have mounted police units. New York has the largest with over 55 horses. Units in Boston and San Diego disbanded by 2011. On the contrary, the Houston Mounted Patrol Unit is well known due to the decision to remove the shoes of all its mounted horses. The HPD embraces the concept of naturalizing their horses’ diet and care in addition to riding them barefoot.

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